Amenities (Available to Lodging Guests Only)

The welcoming bucolic venue of The Pawza beckons and tantalizes
almost every possible canine instinct. We offer a varied selection
for the young active dog to the older more sedentary one.
Our play yards are inspected regularly for integrity and safety.


Doggy Daycare (lodging guests only) – $22 per guest

Day begins by greeting fellow playmates ensued by wild frolicking for as many hours as can be accommodated (supervised at all times). Slumber times are mandatory allowing our guests to re-energize. Healthy snacks will be provided to restore energy levels. This is an excellent method of developing social skills in an otherwise introverted pet. Option will be conducted only in temperate weather to avoid climate related issues. Guests are selected for similar size, temperament and compatibility. All candidates are required to be spayed/neutered.

Social Hour (Power Pack Playtime) – $12.00 per 30 minute session – $18.00 per 1 hour session

Guests are selected for similar size, temperament and compatibility and released in “Lamb Chop’s Park”. No leash laws enforced here! This enclosed area features an oak tree serving as a canopy for those seeking shaded refuge. A wading pond with fountain (available soon) further stimulates the senses of even the most of energetic guests. No rules apply other than “play nice”. Concierges will supervise all frolicking and merriment. This option conducted only in temperate weather to avoid climate related issues. Guests must be “temperament tested” (deemed non toy/food aggressive) and spayed/neutered!

Private Playtimes – $6.00 per 15 minute session – $10.00 per 30 minute session

This option is ideal for the more demure or mature guest wishing to quietly reflect or play accompanied only by housemate or concierge. Private playtimes, as with all other activity options, are closely supervised to ensure safety and security of guests. Playtimes conducted only in temperate weather.

Puppy Preening – $7.00 per 15 minute session

Guest receives personal brushing session to tend to appearances; intended to be a comfort service, not a grooming service.

Turndown Service

Turndown Service begins with a light mist of Lavender on the bed. The therapeutic benefits of lavender are well known even for our furred treasures. Lavender has a calming and soothing effect and may enhance sleep as well. Enter story time. A short book will be read and a cuddling session may be in order. Lastly, guest will be offered carob mints and if this is not to their taste, substitutions from our mini bar will be provided.


People have long experienced the documented pleasant and calming effects and results such as balancing and promoting of both mental and physical health of aromatherapy. We are just now beginning to discover the numerous benefits they may have for our wonderful furry companions as well. Just as aromatherapy can provide emotional and physical benefits for humans, aromatherapy can provide similar benefits for our beloved pets. The Pawza offers lavender scents since it has been documented to be the safest and effective therapy for dogs both for reducing anxiety much as it does with people. Please call for pricing.

Massage Therapy

People have long used massage to relax, reduce anxieties and maintain health. Enter massage therapy for pets. Similar to humans, pets have emotions, feelings, aches and pains. In the same way that massage may provide comfort and improve well-being for humans, massage therapy may also benefit our pets.

Guardians can attest to how well their pets respond to stroking or petting. This positive interaction to touch is the basis for pet massage. Please call for pricing.