Most people indulge in gastronomical delights while being pampered at a five-star hotel.
Why not allow our guests the same privilege? From our Signature Fare to our
Holiday Meals our guests are certain to have their stay with us enhanced.
All selections and meals are veterinary approved and entirely GI friendly.

Main Course

Guardians are encouraged to submit guest’s regular diet since an abrupt food change may pose a gastrointestinal dilemma for some. Please see instructions on packing and labeling food.

The Pawza serves only premium quality foods, Purina Pro Plan, Maintenance, Light and Puppy. If guest is eating specialized food, such as prescription food, please notify us so we may continue desired food choice (all specialty foods must be supplied by guardian).

Canine Dietary Menu and Gourmet Fare documents are required on initial visit and require annual renewal. Documents may be completed online.

The Pawza’s signature gourmet fare includes:

Item Price Serving Size
Apple Slices $1.00 1 cup
Canned Veggies – low sodium $1.00 1 cup
Low Fat Cottage Cheese $1.00 1 cup
Cubed Cheddar Cheese $1.00 2 1/2" cubes
Frosty Paws Ice Cream $2.00 1 serving
Knotted Pretzels – no salt $1.00 2 large
Popcorn – plain $1.00 1 cup
Peanut Butter Cookies $1.00 1 cookie
Peanut Butter Sandwich $2.00 1 whole sandwich
Vanilla Yogurt $1.00 1/4 cup
Meal Toppings: Chicken breast or Cheese $0.50 per meal 1/4 cup
3 Cheese Pizza $3.00 1 slice
Mineral/Spring Water $1.00 Liter
Vegetable Rawhides – Yam or Carrot $1.00 1 slice