Carrie Johnson

January 21, 2015

People tend to only write reviews when they are angry or upset. I was googling the number for the Pawza and saw a negative review and was so shocked. I couldn’t believe anyone would have less than an optimal experience at the Pawza.

I worked in a boarding and training facility for 4 years while I was in graduate school so I am very particular about where I board my animals. Anne Garber’s facility is above superb. I would not trust my dogs anywhere else.

She worked in emergency vet medicine and knows more about the care and safety of the animals than you will ever get at another kennel. Her staff is very educated, polite, and well trained in animal body language. The animals are checked on throughout their stay instead of being locked away after 5pm. She also works closely with the rescue community in the area. My youngest dog came from a shelter in Louisiana that Anne pulled him from because they were going to do a mass euthanasia due to overpopulation. At any given time she is devoting her time, money, and profits directly back to the care and happiness of neglected and abandoned animals.

If you ever have the opportunity to board your animals with the Pawza you will not regret it. Your animals will be loved and cared for to the utmost degree. Having the opportunity to have met Anne has filled my heart with so much joy and compassion knowing that there are such devoted and wonderful people in the world.

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