January 3, 2016

This facility is top notch. My dog is a behavioral challenge (dog aggressive, escape artist, lame on one rear leg) and Anne loves on her as if she was her own dog. If I cannot get my dog to board with Anne, I am not leaving town. The Pawza is the only place I can trust to care for all of my dog’s needs. Anne might not be your typical people person, but she sure makes up for it in how excellent she cares for the dogs in her care and to me, that is all that matters. Boarding at the Pawza is worth every penny so I can leave on vacation knowing my dog is well taken care off and I can be at peace…..there simply is no competition. Just remember, most people in animal rescue, as I am as well, are more comfortable in the presence of their fur babies than they are amongst humans. Anne has never been anything but professional to me and my friends. One thing that I enjoy the most about Anne is that she remembers my dog and all her issues without me telling her much, as she is able to recognize my voice. I call that paying close attention to detail. For the gentleman who left a negative review I like to say that it sounds an awful lot like there was a simple miscommunication or misunderstanding. Instead of taking the time to write the negative review, did you give Anne a chance to rectify the situation? For instance, she might not ever read these reviews on here, so I am wondering, did you call her and ask her when you can bring your dog back to complete the work you originally wanted done? It did not appear so as you stated that “she has all your contact info” and “she should contact you.” Did you pay for the hair cut? If not, then how hard is it to bring the dog back another time and have it done? After all, we are all just humans and none of us is perfect.

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